X X Motel Maya

Mind Over Matter


Lemonade Pet Maze

An evil wizard has kidnapped your pets. Search the maze to rescue them. Multiple difficulty levels.

Requires Win XP, Win 7, or Win 10 with decent graphics capability.

Pet Maze Download Page


Classic Daymare 1 (Mystic Well)

PC Version of Mystic Well (Atari ST), Requires DOSBox to run:

Daymare 1 Download Page


Classic Daymare 2

This is a cute little Dungeon Master Clone type game that I made back in about 1992:

Daymare 2 Download Page


TAC 5 Game

This is a cute little game that I use to play using paper and pen when I was a kid. Eventually, I programmed it on an TRS-80 and many other computers. Here is the PC version.:

TAC 5 Download Page