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Mind Over Matter


Classic Daymare 1 (Mystic Well)

PC Version of Mystic Well (Atari ST), Requires DOSBox to run:

Daymare 1 Download Page


Classic Daymare 2

This is a cute little Dungeon Master Clone type game that I made back in about 1992:

Daymare 2 Download Page


TAC 5 Game

This is a cute little game that I use to play using paper and pen when I was a kid. Eventually, I programmed it on an TRS-80 and many other computers. Here is the PC version.:

TAC 5 Download Page


Philosophy and Truth

Your personal philosophy affects how you deal with the world. A bad philosophy will result in failure and despair. A good philosophy will lead to success and happiness. How can we sort the good ones from the bad ones? There is a way to sort out the good philosophies from the bad ones: The Two Tools of Discernment